Being Reckless with my Career Path: The Gen-Z Narrative

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Living up to my generations chaotic career culture is probably the most consistent thing about me. I just recently moved to New York City (check out my page for those articles) and I have had the roughest three months of my life here. A job moved me out here — the first job to offer me something was the job for me, apparently. However, I knew I would hate this job the moment I saw my workspace.

I am not going to disclose (yet) where I work because I currently still am employed. Hopefully, that is changing in the next week or two. Within the last month, I was interviewing for a marketing consulting firm. After meeting the entire team, having f-i-v-e interviews, and creating connections with the team, I was rejected. This was the first time I had been rejected from a company after two interviews. My confidence after the first one got me four more, how could I not have the job? Alas, the universe has something else in store for me, I suppose.

Today I called out due to mental health issues, which isn’t a lie. If you know me, you know I am mentally ill — I just hide it really well. Since my will to live has dwindled down, I took the first three hours of being awake to apply to 20+ jobs. I have quite the variety too: bartending, marketing, membership associate at the Botanic Gardens, and working at art businesses. I just want to be out of my job so badly that I will take anything by this point.

My entire life has been like this: getting a job, disliking it within the first few months, then leaving. A few have been incredible to where I have stayed there for a year or more, but those were either low-paying or I didn’t have room to grow. My last job was my absolute favorite. I worked at a surf shop in South Carolina and, quite literally, it became my home. I miss them every single day. New York is the only thing that took me from them and, honestly, I would go back in a heartbeat if they would have me.

I made the promise to myself I would live in New York and make it work, even if it isn’t for a full year. The opportunities are here. I can change my life in a second within this city. I just need someone to take the chance on me (I promise I won’t leave if I find community within my workplace).



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